Marivot bespoke shirt

Marivot’s aim is to provide the best possible service… and product. This is why we select exclusively the world’s finest fabrics, from cotton cultivated in the soil of the Nile Delta. Each season, Marivot carries more than one hundred fabrics options from renowned italian mills.

Notable qualities include two-fold yarn, a 140/2 thread count, matching patterns, 7 stiches per centimer, mother-of-pearl buttons, hand-stitched monograms ...

Each and every Marivot shirt is handmade in the center of France by skilled craftsmen who perpetuate the tradition of shirtmaking.

Marivot mtm shirt

A great shirt should always feel like a second skin. Therefore, the fit is key. Based on our expertise and your preferences, style options will also make your shirt unique.

Eleven collars and six cuff options are available, including classic button-down, cutaway or club collars.

Various collar linings, button and pocket details can also be selected. Almost anything is possible.



Marivot tie

Besides made-to-measure shirts, Marivot provides refined accessories such as ties, pocket squares, scarves and cuff-links.

Made of noble materials and designed to fit the most sophisticated and demanding clients, Marivot’s accessories are available for purchase by registered clients only.

Through its easily identifiable « signature pattern » and its effortlessely chic style, Marivot embraces this « je-ne-sais-quoi » that characterizes Parisian elegance.