Marivot's founder


Founded in Paris by Yassin Keetan, Marivot is a direct to consumer brand selling luxurious made-to-measure shirts, manufactured by craftsmen in France and Italy. Halfway between Italian sartorial heritage and French « je-ne-sais-quoi », the brand was designed to meet the needs of men who are always on the go but still want to stay chic and elegant. The brand provides its clientele with a highly personalized in-home experience as the core part of its bespoke service. Marivot also designs refined accessories including silk ties, pocket squares, and cashmere scarves.

Marivot's club


Clients buying ten shirts or more are automatically part of Marivot’s club. Each year, members are invited to Marivot’s white tie annual dinner party which takes place in an exceptional place, kept secret until the last minute.

Membership also includes a personalized monthly newsletter with outing ideas, book and movie recommendations, special offers, etc.

Last but not least, members can benefit from a replacement service for collars and cuffs, that will double the lifetime of their shirts.